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    • Spanish I Course

      Spanish 1 enables students to appreciate the benefits of bilingualism, providing them with tools to communicate confidently, explore diverse cultures, and engage globally. Featuring interactive resources like audio clips, videos, and activities, the course is designed to enhance learning, opening doors to travel, cultural understanding, and career opportunities.

    • French I Course

      French 1 introduces students to the French language, offering the skills to communicate confidently, understand other cultures, and engage in a global society. The course features interactive elements like audio clips, videos, and engaging activities, designed to enhance the learning experience and open new opportunities for travel, cultural appreciation, and career advancement.

    • French II Course

      The French 2 course enriches students' understanding of French language and culture, building on the basics learned in French 1. Through a curated exploration of France's contributions to art, music, fashion, and history, students deepen their language skills and cultural appreciation.

    • Spanish II Course

      The Spanish 2 course advances language proficiency, building on Spanish 1 fundamentals to deepen fluency and cultural understanding. Enhanced with audio features, videos, and interactive activities, this course prepares students for advanced communication and engagement with Spanish-speaking cultures.

    • American Sign Language I Course

      The American Sign Language 1 course introduces students to ASL through video-based demonstrations, covering basic hand movements, facial expressions, and cultural insights. This beginner-friendly course not only teaches fluent communication but also fosters an understanding of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

    • American Sign Language II Course

      The American Sign Language 2 course expands on ASL fundamentals, offering advanced lessons in signing alongside deep dives into deaf history, culture, and technology. Through video-based demonstrations, students enhance their ASL proficiency and cultural understanding, connecting more deeply with the language and its heritage.

    • Introduction to Computer Applications Course (STEM)

      The Introduction to Computer Applications course is crucial for mastering digital tools vital in today's professional environment. Through structured lessons, students become proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, learning to integrate these applications seamlessly into business settings.

    • Mechanical Engineering Course (STEM)

      The Mechanical Engineering course provides a deep dive into the core principles of mechanical engineering, blending science and engineering fundamentals. Through structured lessons, students explore critical concepts, including forces, mathematics in engineering, and the Pappus-Guldinus Theorems.

    • Introduction to Tech Science Course (STEM)

      The Introduction to Tech Science course provides a broad overview of key technical fields, including various engineering disciplines, Biotech Sciences, and Information Technology. Students will explore the impact of significant projects like the Human Genome Project and learn the basics of computer programming, preparing them for a future in technological innovation.

    • Electrical Engineering Course (STEM)

      The Electrical Engineering course (STEM) dives into electrical engineering basics, covering electric circuits, Ohm's Law, Kirchhoff's Law, and applications in daily life. Through this comprehensive introduction, students explore the principles powering modern electrical technologies and gain insights into solving circuits and understanding global electric standards.

    • Computer Engineering Course (STEM)

      The Computer Engineering course (STEM) provides a foundational understanding of computer hardware, software, and data management. It delves into the history of computing, differentiates between analog and digital information, and introduces data protocols and coding languages.

    • Chemical Engineering Course (STEM)

      The Chemical Engineering course (STEM) offers an introduction to the essential principles and applications of chemical engineering. Students explore fundamental chemistry concepts, including the Periodic Table and molecular structures, advancing to topics like stoichiometry, energy balances, and the dynamics of open and closed systems. This foundational course prepares learners for further education or careers in the evolving field of Chemical Engineering.

    • Art Appreciation Course

      The Art Appreciation course offers an immersive exploration into art history and artistic expression, blending theory with hands-on creative practice. Students analyze art movements, styles, and the societal impact of art, enhancing their understanding through creating their own works.

    • Digital Photography Course

      The Digital Photography course offers an immersive journey into the craft of photography, covering camera mechanics, composition, and the art of visual storytelling. Through hands-on learning and real-world applications, students will master their camera settings and explore creative techniques to develop a personal portfolio.

    • Media Arts Course

      The Media Arts course delves into the rich history and practical applications of media arts, offering a comprehensive understanding of digital media, from web design to audio and video production. Through engaging online lessons, students explore key design principles, photography, animation, and more, equipping them with the skills needed for creative expression and career opportunities in the digital landscape.

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