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    • English 9 Course

      English 9 is a comprehensive introductory language arts course designed to create effective readers and writers. Students are presented with a wide variety of literary forms including short stories, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and novel excerpts. Through the implementation of basic literary analysis skills, students understand and apply strategies to maximize reading comprehension and develop analytical skills.

    • English 10 Course

      English 10 continues to build upon the foundation of effective reading and writing, exposing students to a diverse range of literary genres, including short stories, nonfiction, poetry, and drama. The course enhances comprehension and analysis through techniques like inference and visualization, alongside lessons in vocabulary, writing processes, and grammar, all aimed at refining students' critical thinking and communication abilities.

    • English 11 American Literature Course

      The English 11 American Literature course offers a deep dive into the evolution of American thought and culture through literature, tracing the significant historical milestones that have shaped the nation. Through an immersive exploration of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama, learners gain insights into the diverse narratives that define American identity.

    • English 12 British Literature Course

      The English 12 British Literature course explores the vast terrain of British literature, from its origins to modern works. Learners refine critical reading and writing skills, deepening their understanding of literature's impact on culture and society. This comprehensive course prepares students for advanced literary analysis and effective communication.

    • Public Speaking Course

      The Public Speaking course equips learners with the essentials of effective speech-making, addressing key challenges such as reducing speaker anxiety and the strategic use of visual aids. Designed for a broad audience, this course covers planning, preparation, and delivery of speeches across various contexts.

    • English 8 Course

      The English 8 course readies students for high school with advanced vocabulary and writing tasks, including literary analysis and a comprehensive research project. Through exploring a wide array of literary works, students enhance their reading comprehension, analytical skills, and understanding of various genres.

    • English 6 Course

      The English 6 course enhances reading, writing, and critical thinking skills through diverse literary genres. Students learn to analyze texts, apply grammar conventions, and undertake research projects, preparing them for advanced studies.

    • English 7 Course

      The English 7 course builds on students' reading and writing skills, introducing a variety of literary forms from novels to poetry. It emphasizes critical reading strategies, creative and analytical writing, and understanding grammar conventions.

    • Honors English 9 Course

      The Honors English 9 course sharpens analytical reading and writing skills through diverse literary forms. Students engage in deep literary analysis, develop advanced vocabulary, and compare themes across genres, preparing for future academic challenges.

    • Honors English 10 Course

      Honors English 10 deepens analytical and writing abilities, engaging with fiction and nonfiction to explore literary structures and themes. This course emphasizes critical thinking and effective expression, preparing students for advanced studies with rigorous literary analysis and diverse writing assignments.

    • Honors English 11 American Literature Course

      Honors English 11 American Literature immerses students in classic American literature across historical periods, enhancing understanding of literary analysis and authorial choices. It prepares students for advanced academic pursuits with tasks that develop skills in literary analysis, expository, and persuasive writing.

    • Honors English 12 British Literature Course

      Honors English 12 British Literature enriches students with an in-depth study of British literary works, enhancing critical analysis and interpretation skills. Focusing on Britain's rich literary tradition, it prepares students for advanced academic pursuits by developing their analytical abilities and understanding of complex texts.