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    • Consumer Math Course

      Consumer Math equips students with practical math skills for daily life, including budgeting, making major purchases, and personal finance management, preparing them for informed decision-making as consumers and covering key topics like car and home buying, and insurance.

    • Math Models & Applications Course

      Math Models and Applications is both an introductory and a refresher course that prepares students for Algebra 1 by providing clear explanations of basic Math concepts. Covering topics such as whole numbers operations, fractions, decimals, exponents, geometry, and algebraic expressions, it lays a solid foundation for advanced mathematical studies.

    • Integrated Algebra Course

      The Integrated Algebra course offers an engaging and comprehensive approach to algebra, focusing on applying foundational skills to complex problems. Students explore statistical data, functions, and polynomials, enhancing their problem-solving strategies and preparing for advanced mathematical studies.

    • Algebra I Course

      The Algebra 1 course delves into the logic and principles behind algebra, offering students a blend of interactive lessons and practical exercises. Covering everything from linear equations to quadratic expressions, the course aims to build a strong foundation in algebraic concepts.

    • Geometry Course

      The Geometry course starts with basic geometric concepts, progressing to advanced topics including trigonometry. Through interactive lessons, students enhance their spatial reasoning and explore intricate geometric principles, preparing for real-world applications.

    • Algebra II Course

      The Algebra 2 course extends learners' mastery from Algebra 1 into more complex algebraic concepts such as matrices, polynomial, logarithmic, and periodic functions. Through engaging content and practical applications, students enhance their mathematical skills, preparing for academic challenges and real-world problem-solving.

    • Pre-Calculus Course

      The Pre-Calculus course bridges advanced algebra and the beginnings of calculus, introducing students to a comprehensive study of functions, trigonometry, and calculus foundations. Engaging lessons cover topics from polynomial functions and logarithms to limits and derivatives

    • Math 6 Course

      Math 6 introduces essential math concepts, focusing on rational numbers, basic algebra, geometry, and data analysis. Students engage with problem-solving exercises and apply arithmetic skills to real-world scenarios. This foundational course sets the stage for advanced mathematical learning, emphasizing critical thinking and analytical skills.

    • Math 7 Course

      Math 7 provides 7th graders with a deep dive into numbers, algebra, and geometry, emphasizing problem-solving and real-world applications. Students explore operations with rational numbers, algebra basics, and the geometry of shapes, preparing them for advanced mathematical concepts. The course aims to develop skills in algebraic thinking, understanding geometric relationships, and analyzing data, setting a solid foundation for future success in mathematics.

    • Math 8 Course

      Math 8 introduces students to algebraic concepts, focusing on problem-solving and critical reasoning. The course covers exponents, equations, linear relationships, and data analysis, providing a strong foundation for high school math. Students will learn to solve complex equations, understand linear functions, and analyze data through graphs and charts, preparing them for future academic challenges.

    • Honors Algebra I Course

      Honors Algebra 1 provides an advanced study of algebraic concepts, focusing on linear equations, functions, and data analysis. It equips students with problem-solving skills applicable to real-world scenarios, emphasizing the analysis of linear and exponential relationships. This course lays a strong foundation for further mathematical studies.

    • Honors Algebra II Course

      Honors Algebra 2 deepens understanding of algebraic concepts, covering matrices, polynomial, logarithmic, and periodic functions. This course prepares students for standardized tests and complex problem-solving with a focus on real-world applications and technological integration for advanced mathematical analysis.

    • Honors Geometry Course

      Honors Geometry introduces the foundations and complexities of geometry, focusing on spatial reasoning, patterns, and logic in mathematics. Students explore 2D and 3D shapes, geometric reasoning through definitions, postulates, and axioms, and conclude with circles and an introduction to Trigonometry.

    • Honors Pre-Calculus Course

      Honors Pre-Calculus merges advanced algebra with trigonometry, preparing students for calculus through a deep dive into graphs, nonlinear systems, and polynomial functions. It covers matrices, vectors, parametric equations, and the fundamental theorem of calculus, among other advanced topics.