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    • World Geography Course

      The World Geography course explores the interaction between human society and the Earth's physical geography, studying how the planet's climate, landforms, and processes influence cultures and economies worldwide. Students will delve into the diversity of nations and cultures across different continents, understanding the significant role geography plays in shaping regional identities and livelihoods.

    • U.S. Government Course

      The U.S. Government course offers students a foundational overview of American political principles and operations, focusing on the U.S. Constitution, fundamental rights, and the structure of government. Through the study of founding principles, constitutional amendments, and Supreme Court decisions, students explore the impact of political parties and media, enriched with contemporary examples for relevant real-world connections.

    • Economics Course

      The Economics course on offers an in-depth look into economic principles, market dynamics, and the impact of policies on global and local scales. Through engaging content, students explore microeconomic concepts, economic systems, and the roles of supply, demand, and deregulation, gaining insights into the economic forces shaping our world.

    • World History Course

      The World History course guides students through humanity's journey from ancient civilizations to modern complexities, exploring economic, political, and social revolutions. This comprehensive curriculum fosters an understanding of diverse cultures and historical narratives, connecting past events to present-day global dynamics.

    • U.S. History Course

      The U.S. History course offers a comprehensive exploration of America's journey from the Era of Exploration to the present, highlighting key events and figures. Through interactive analysis of primary sources, students develop a deep understanding of the political, cultural, and economic forces that have shaped the United States.

    • Middle School Early American History Course

      The Early American History course delves into America's formation from the 15th century to the early 1900s, exploring key events like the American Revolution and Civil War. Through engaging multimedia resources, students gain insights into historical patterns and their impacts on modern America, developing critical analysis skills.

    • Middle School Global Studies Course

      The Middle School Global Studies course offers a panoramic view of world cultures, economies, and histories, encouraging students to appreciate the diversity and interconnectedness of global regions. Through studies of geography, early civilizations, and international economies, students gain insights into the complexity of cultural and economic dynamics shaping our world.

    • Middle School Civics Course

      The Middle School Civics course provides a comprehensive overview of U.S. government fundamentals, fostering an understanding of civic duties and individual rights. Students will explore the development and structure of the American governmental system, including the Constitution and its Amendments.

    • Honors U.S. History Course

      The Honors U.S. History course guides students through the pivotal events and transformations of the United States from its early days to the present. It emphasizes critical analysis and primary source research, fostering a nuanced understanding of America’s political evolution, cultural shifts, and economic development.

    • Honors World Geography Course

      The Honors World Geography course examines the dynamic interaction between Earth's geography and human societies. Students explore how physical landscapes, climate, and natural processes influence cultural development, economic activities, and lifestyles worldwide.

    • Honors World History Course

      The Honors World History course offers a comprehensive overview of significant global events from ancient civilizations to modern times. It explores key developments across continents and cultures, focusing on technological, political, social, and economic revolutions.

    • Honors U.S. Government Course

      The Honors U.S. Government course provides an in-depth exploration of American governmental structures, principles, and functions, starting from the Constitution's foundations to current civic engagement and public policy. Students will critically analyze the evolution of civil liberties and rights, dissect landmark Supreme Court cases and explore the operational dynamics of local, state, and federal government.

    • Honors Economics Course

      The Honors Economics course equips students with a deep understanding of economic principles, including supply, demand, and the role of prices. Through comparative analysis of economic systems, students will delve into government influences, opportunity costs, and market dynamics.