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    • Media Arts Course

      The Media Arts course delves into the rich history and practical applications of media arts, offering a comprehensive understanding of digital media, from web design to audio and video production. Through engaging online lessons, students explore key design principles, photography, animation, and more, equipping them with the skills needed for creative expression and career opportunities in the digital landscape.

    • English 8 Course

      The English 8 course readies students for high school with advanced vocabulary and writing tasks, including literary analysis and a comprehensive research project. Through exploring a wide array of literary works, students enhance their reading comprehension, analytical skills, and understanding of various genres.

    • Math 8 Course

      Math 8 introduces students to algebraic concepts, focusing on problem-solving and critical reasoning. The course covers exponents, equations, linear relationships, and data analysis, providing a strong foundation for high school math. Students will learn to solve complex equations, understand linear functions, and analyze data through graphs and charts, preparing them for future academic challenges.

    • Science 8 Course

      Science 8 offers a comprehensive review and expansion of physical, life, and earth sciences, integrating concepts like chemical bonds, reactions, space exploration, and geology. Students explore the Periodic Table, astronomy, and our planet's geological features, preparing for high school science.

    • Middle School Early American History Course

      The Early American History course delves into America's formation from the 15th century to the early 1900s, exploring key events like the American Revolution and Civil War. Through engaging multimedia resources, students gain insights into historical patterns and their impacts on modern America, developing critical analysis skills.

    • Middle School Global Studies Course

      The Middle School Global Studies course offers a panoramic view of world cultures, economies, and histories, encouraging students to appreciate the diversity and interconnectedness of global regions. Through studies of geography, early civilizations, and international economies, students gain insights into the complexity of cultural and economic dynamics shaping our world.

    • Middle School Civics Course

      The Middle School Civics course provides a comprehensive overview of U.S. government fundamentals, fostering an understanding of civic duties and individual rights. Students will explore the development and structure of the American governmental system, including the Constitution and its Amendments.

    • Internet Safety/Study Skills

      The Internet Safety & Study Skills course teaches students essential online navigation safety and effective study habits, focusing on social media use, data protection, time management, and exam preparation, ensuring safe and efficient online learning.