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    • English 9 Course

      English 9 is a comprehensive introductory language arts course designed to create effective readers and writers. Students are presented with a wide variety of literary forms including short stories, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and novel excerpts. Through the implementation of basic literary analysis skills, students understand and apply strategies to maximize reading comprehension and develop analytical skills.

    • Consumer Math Course

      Consumer Math equips students with practical math skills for daily life, including budgeting, making major purchases, and personal finance management, preparing them for informed decision-making as consumers and covering key topics like car and home buying, and insurance.

    • Physics Course

      The Physics course offers an introduction to the fundamental principles of physics, exploring matter, energy, and their interactions. Emphasizing the scientific method, it guides students beyond numbers and equations to question and understand the workings of the natural world, encouraging curiosity about how and why things operate.

    • World Geography Course

      The World Geography course explores the interaction between human society and the Earth's physical geography, studying how the planet's climate, landforms, and processes influence cultures and economies worldwide. Students will delve into the diversity of nations and cultures across different continents, understanding the significant role geography plays in shaping regional identities and livelihoods.

    • Spanish I Course

      Spanish 1 enables students to appreciate the benefits of bilingualism, providing them with tools to communicate confidently, explore diverse cultures, and engage globally. Featuring interactive resources like audio clips, videos, and activities, the course is designed to enhance learning, opening doors to travel, cultural understanding, and career opportunities.

    • English 10 Course

      English 10 continues to build upon the foundation of effective reading and writing, exposing students to a diverse range of literary genres, including short stories, nonfiction, poetry, and drama. The course enhances comprehension and analysis through techniques like inference and visualization, alongside lessons in vocabulary, writing processes, and grammar, all aimed at refining students' critical thinking and communication abilities.

    • Math Models & Applications Course

      Math Models and Applications is both an introductory and a refresher course that prepares students for Algebra 1 by providing clear explanations of basic Math concepts. Covering topics such as whole numbers operations, fractions, decimals, exponents, geometry, and algebraic expressions, it lays a solid foundation for advanced mathematical studies.

    • Biology Course

      Our Biology course offers a comprehensive exploration of living organisms, combining foundational biochemistry with the dynamic study of ecosystems, cellular processes, and genetic advancements.

    • French I Course

      French 1 introduces students to the French language, offering the skills to communicate confidently, understand other cultures, and engage in a global society. The course features interactive elements like audio clips, videos, and engaging activities, designed to enhance the learning experience and open new opportunities for travel, cultural appreciation, and career advancement.

    • U.S. Government Course

      The U.S. Government course offers students a foundational overview of American political principles and operations, focusing on the U.S. Constitution, fundamental rights, and the structure of government. Through the study of founding principles, constitutional amendments, and Supreme Court decisions, students explore the impact of political parties and media, enriched with contemporary examples for relevant real-world connections.

    • English 11 American Literature Course

      The English 11 American Literature course offers a deep dive into the evolution of American thought and culture through literature, tracing the significant historical milestones that have shaped the nation. Through an immersive exploration of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama, learners gain insights into the diverse narratives that define American identity.

    • English 12 British Literature Course

      The English 12 British Literature course explores the vast terrain of British literature, from its origins to modern works. Learners refine critical reading and writing skills, deepening their understanding of literature's impact on culture and society. This comprehensive course prepares students for advanced literary analysis and effective communication.

    • Public Speaking Course

      The Public Speaking course equips learners with the essentials of effective speech-making, addressing key challenges such as reducing speaker anxiety and the strategic use of visual aids. Designed for a broad audience, this course covers planning, preparation, and delivery of speeches across various contexts.

    • Integrated Algebra Course

      The Integrated Algebra course offers an engaging and comprehensive approach to algebra, focusing on applying foundational skills to complex problems. Students explore statistical data, functions, and polynomials, enhancing their problem-solving strategies and preparing for advanced mathematical studies.

    • Algebra I Course

      The Algebra 1 course delves into the logic and principles behind algebra, offering students a blend of interactive lessons and practical exercises. Covering everything from linear equations to quadratic expressions, the course aims to build a strong foundation in algebraic concepts.

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