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    • Geometry Course

      The Geometry course starts with basic geometric concepts, progressing to advanced topics including trigonometry. Through interactive lessons, students enhance their spatial reasoning and explore intricate geometric principles, preparing for real-world applications.

    • Algebra II Course

      The Algebra 2 course extends learners' mastery from Algebra 1 into more complex algebraic concepts such as matrices, polynomial, logarithmic, and periodic functions. Through engaging content and practical applications, students enhance their mathematical skills, preparing for academic challenges and real-world problem-solving.

    • Pre-Calculus Course

      The Pre-Calculus course bridges advanced algebra and the beginnings of calculus, introducing students to a comprehensive study of functions, trigonometry, and calculus foundations. Engaging lessons cover topics from polynomial functions and logarithms to limits and derivatives

    • Chemistry Course

      The Chemistry course delves into the essentials of matter, its properties, and reactions, from atomic theory to biochemistry. Students explore the periodic table, electrochemistry, and the impact of chemical processes on daily life.

    • Environmental Science Course

      The Environmental Science course engages students with the complexities of our ecosystems and the impact of human actions on the environment. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and real-world applications, learners are equipped to advocate for sustainable practices to protect our planet.

    • Physical Science Course

      The Physical Science course offers a deep dive into the principles governing the natural world, from the basics of matter and energy to advanced topics like electromagnetism. Engaging virtual labs bring theoretical concepts to life, fostering a practical understanding of physical science that prepares students for further scientific inquiry.

    • Economics Course

      The Economics course on offers an in-depth look into economic principles, market dynamics, and the impact of policies on global and local scales. Through engaging content, students explore microeconomic concepts, economic systems, and the roles of supply, demand, and deregulation, gaining insights into the economic forces shaping our world.

    • World History Course

      The World History course guides students through humanity's journey from ancient civilizations to modern complexities, exploring economic, political, and social revolutions. This comprehensive curriculum fosters an understanding of diverse cultures and historical narratives, connecting past events to present-day global dynamics.

    • U.S. History Course

      The U.S. History course offers a comprehensive exploration of America's journey from the Era of Exploration to the present, highlighting key events and figures. Through interactive analysis of primary sources, students develop a deep understanding of the political, cultural, and economic forces that have shaped the United States.

    • French II Course

      The French 2 course enriches students' understanding of French language and culture, building on the basics learned in French 1. Through a curated exploration of France's contributions to art, music, fashion, and history, students deepen their language skills and cultural appreciation.

    • Spanish II Course

      The Spanish 2 course advances language proficiency, building on Spanish 1 fundamentals to deepen fluency and cultural understanding. Enhanced with audio features, videos, and interactive activities, this course prepares students for advanced communication and engagement with Spanish-speaking cultures.

    • American Sign Language I Course

      The American Sign Language 1 course introduces students to ASL through video-based demonstrations, covering basic hand movements, facial expressions, and cultural insights. This beginner-friendly course not only teaches fluent communication but also fosters an understanding of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

    • American Sign Language II Course

      The American Sign Language 2 course expands on ASL fundamentals, offering advanced lessons in signing alongside deep dives into deaf history, culture, and technology. Through video-based demonstrations, students enhance their ASL proficiency and cultural understanding, connecting more deeply with the language and its heritage.

    • Biotechnology Course (STEM)

      The STEM Biotechnology course introduces students to the fields of microbiology, human genetics, and bioethics, providing a solid foundation in DNA/RNA technology and its implications. Through comprehensive study, learners grasp the fundamentals and explore biotechnology's transformative impact on healthcare, agriculture, and societal ethics.

    • Introduction to Computer Applications Course (STEM)

      The Introduction to Computer Applications course is crucial for mastering digital tools vital in today's professional environment. Through structured lessons, students become proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, learning to integrate these applications seamlessly into business settings.

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